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Insurance for Businesses

Providing an employee benefits package that includes quality, affordable healthcare coverage continues to be one of the greatest challenges for today's employers. We use our experience in this field to work on delivering alternatives to our clients.

Group Health Benefits

We have access to a wide range of competitive solutions and, as a result, we can offer objective and valuable guidance to clients. We seek to develop a program for a client’s unique needs, including ancillary group insurance, such as dental and vision.

Group Disability Insurance

If an employer or employee became disabled, disability insurance may offer protection. We can help business owners determine an appropriate disability insurance program and demystify plan details or concerns regarding a policy’s benefits and premiums.

Group Life Insurance

Life insurance is an important element of a complete retirement plan. We can help employers determine what type of coverage is best for their business and employees. We have access to a wide array of life insurance products, including term life, whole life, universal life, and variable life insurance.

Group Long-Term Care Insurance

Long-term care can help an individual with the most intimate aspects of their life, but unfortunately, this kind of care is expensive. Long-term care insurance can cover many of the costs. A group long-term care plan may offer significant advantages, including discounts, tax incentives, and more.

Key Person Insurance

It is important for business owners to protect their business. Key person insurance is life insurance on a key employee or partner, with the business serving as the beneficiary. With this insurance, you may be able to offset a risk by reimbursing your business for economic losses that occur when a key executive of the company dies. We can help you determine your business’ key personnel and evaluate options for this liability.